Social Media -Future Marketing Tool

When such social media alternatives are available, it is very useful for all the people in the nation because they also share their views about a particular instance and also they can know what other people say about them. They get to know each other very quickly and also they form a group and share so many things. They also focus about personalized views, political views etc.

While taking up a recent example that took place in Egypt, people shared their views and comments on such social Medias like face book and twitter and presented their messages. Through such message communications, large number of men and women was able to gather in a particular place and was opposing against a government.

Business Advertisements
apart from discussing of personal and political views it is also helping few small scale entrepreneurs to make ad films about their products and flashes at regular time periods. If people are interested, then they just click the website link and get to know the other facts that are required for them. This way of giving adverts is easier and less expensive because it reaches people very quickly and also the charge for giving advertisement will be of some nominal amount only. If small entrepreneurs give advertisements in internet sites or newspaper, it will not reach most of people or people may ignore it. But this way of advertising is the best promoting tool and also less costly.

Its own demerits
Even though such variety of advertisements are less expensive few consumers feel that they are not getting benefited out of this. But this cannot be considered as a demerit because when you are posting some ad in the social media you must ensure that they are desirable and also they are very clear and clear. Once if it attracts people then surely it will become success and your ad will reach thousands of people. So it will be the liability of the individuals to attract people.

Powerful usage becomes more important
What ever it is, it is all how we make use of the social media. IF we make use of such social media in a proper way then we will be benefited in most of the ways. The people who are posting the ads should take utmost care that they are not using the same old ways or traditional ways to attract people. They must think something different and do things differently to attract people. However there are few people who do not like such ads in the web 2 . 0, they would always prefer an one to one conference or a mobile phone call. So what ever we do that must be in line with the taste of the people and also eye-catching also.

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